7 Secrets of the Successfully Self-Employed

Self-employment requires immense dedication and sometimes it’s also quite the plunge but there is a slew of benefits to self-employment. You get the freedom of decision making, creative liberties, sole credit, most financial benefits and other perks.

But doing what you want, how you want and for who you want comes with great responsibility. That being said, there are a few things that can ensure successful self-employment for newly self-employed people as well as people looking to change the direction of their small businesses.

Here are the seven secrets to achieving self-employment success:

1.Do your research

Everyone has to carry out research, students, journalists, writers, and other employees too because when you are starting a project you need to know the pros and cons, provide a different angle that hasn’t been covered and to give your personal opinion.

So when you take the leap of faith of swapping your day job for self-employment make sure you look into suitable websites, journals, read query guides and everything that has anything to do with your potential field of work.

2. Know what you want and plan it

Channeling your passion and research into achievable goals is essential in order to succeed. You need to know what you want, understand what will take you there, create a plan and them execute the plan reach your target of successful self-employment.

Before kicking off your self-employment journey, sit down and make a list of all that your hope to achieve. Once you know what milestones you want to reach, gather insight and strategize your business plan.

3. Be persistent

Like every other endeavor of life, self-employment also requires a persistent heart, especially when it’s hard to land a job and a client in the ever changing economy. The only thing you can do is relentlessly push through by believing in your skills and abilities.

Successful self-employment is not an easy ride but stick to your goals and push through, you’ll surely find the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Be flexible

One of the good self-employment ideas is to be flexible. Being flexible helps decision making and assessing a situation. It will equally assist you in diversifying and finding an alternative approach to work and find work opportunities.

Flexibility ensures that you effectively adapt to a range of disruptions and have a quick turnaround for whatever comes up to hinder your game plan.

5. Network

By attending events and keeping up with unconventional networking methods like LinkedIn circles, Facebook groups and Twitter lists, you can build a roster of connections. More often than not, succeeding isn’t about what you know, but rather who you know.

Additionally, such events are a good place to learn new things and learn about successful self-employment stories from the people who have achieved their goals.

6. Value time more than money

Time is useful in achieving success. Think of it this way, There are two types of currency, time and money. Of which, time is more important. Set a limit on your time by making sure your work calls don’t invade your personal time.

Schedule your daily activities and follow the schedule. It will ensure your tasks are done and the client will be assured that you aren’t tardy.

7. Keep your ego in check

Knowing your business from A to Z doesn’t make you an expert on the subject of successful self-employment and doesn’t give you the right to self-employment ideas on everyone else because what worked for you doesn’t necessarily work for others.

The best thing to do is pretend that you don’t know much and be open to advice from actual experts.

In conclusion

Take a look around yourself the world isn’t short of self-employment success stories. You’d be surprised at how many people have emerged victorious despite starting from the scratch. These people clearly knew their capabilities and skills. Every self-employed person should make a conscious choice to act on their capabilities and achieve limitless success.


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