Don’t Panic! The Steps to Take before Your Domains are Eliminated

So, you haven’t paid to renew the registration of your domain, and you get a message from the domain’s registrar telling you it’s about to expire. What do you do? The first thing is: Don’t Panic.’ There are steps before your Domains are eliminated.

When any domain reaches its date for expiration, it will not be removed straight away. Every domain has to go through a defined process set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) before it can be eliminated and made available for someone else to register. However, knowing the steps to take before any of your domains are deleted will be useful if you want to avoid any inconvenience later. Learn about Hosting for Domains

Step 1: The Grace Period

It is possible to register domains for as many as 10 years, not just with premium domains, but also if you buy cheap domains. However, when the date arrives for you to renew your domain names, you have up to 45 days. During this time your email and website will continue to function, but at this stage, it’s a good idea to check whether you have any choices.

Some registrars offer discount domains promotions as a way to retain customers so keep your eyes open for coupons or discount codes on any of the mailings you receive. If there are none, then you can always renew at the normal price. The domain will tend to go to the panel and be renewed directly. Dedicated Hosting

Step 2: The Redemption Period

If you miss the step 1 opportunity the domain will enter a redemption grace period. This lasts 30 days, and you can still renew the domain directly via the domains registrar but be warned there’s a pretty stiff financial penalty. Also, you not only have the hassle that the email and website stop working but domain back ordering companies will be notified of the domain’s impending availability and can start offering the domain to clients with a bidding process. Domain name create your Online Store

Step 3: The Pending Delete Phase

If you still haven’t renewed after 75 days, your domain goes into the pending delete phase, which can last for five days. This is absolutely the last chance you can backorder the domain. This is risky as you may be beaten in the bidding war. However, it may not be over because if nobody places a bid on your domain in either the redemption grace period or the pending delete phase, then the domain will become a deleted domain and join the available domains to buy again from any domain provider.


One good thing about retrieving expired domains through a backordering company with a particular domain for sale – even though it will cost you more – is that the domain retains its original creation date, which is a very important consideration for Search Engine Optimization purposes. What Is Cloud service?

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