What is CMS Hosting?

Every new site owner, whether consciously or not makes the important decision to use either a CMS or a Website builder. Both are software supposed to make the process of building and managing a website easy especially for those without programming skills. Read more Domains for Sale

CMS, an acronym for Content Management System, is a web hosting system that allows multiple users with different permission levels to handle and manage content in a website. As the owner of the website, you get to set permissions and define which users access different sections of content in your website.This content can be anything from blog articles to images and managing it refers to creating, editing, collaborating, archiving, reporting and distributing the website content as well as adding and editing system users.

Open source CMS vs. Closed Source CMS

CMS falls into two categories, Open source CMS and Hosted CMS. You have to decide which of the two is right for your business. Read more Domains for Sale

Open source CMS

Opens source references the source code’s public availability. Open source CMS platforms are built and maintained by a community of developers.The benefits of open source CMS stem from the large developer community backing it. These include access to myriad customization options and plugins that can be adjusted to suit your needs, availability of solutions to problems and security threats and access to regular updates. Since many people are familiar with the source code, there is a higher risk of third party tampering than in closed source CMS. There are hundreds of open source CMSs but the most popular ones include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Closed source CMS

Hosted, closed source or proprietary CMSs are owned and managed by individual service providers who then sell/license them to users at a substantial fee.These CMSs sell on promised support and better security. However, the security is primarily achieved through obscurity. The downside of this is that users have to blindly trust their provider’s ability to promptly and consistently detect and correct errors. Support and customization in closed source CMSs usually comes at additional costs. Popular Closed source CMSs include Light CMS, Squarespace, Webvanta and Vae.


There are a vast number of CMS options available each offering different features. Before deciding on the CMS you want to use and proceeding with the website launch, it is important to analyze the features offered by each and choose the ones that best address your needs. Don’t Panic! The Steps to Take before Your Domains are Eliminated

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